Capital Raise Campaigns

Investor Campaign Portals

XL provides world-class marketing and technical consulting services that enable you to accelerate your capital raise campaigns. We bring the best marketing, technical and program management talent together to maximize your capital raise.

And when it comes to developing your investor campaign portal and conveying your story to investors, having the right value proposition, messaging and brand identity are critical for a successful launch.

Convertible Notes Campaigns

XL gives our clients the tools and guidance to launch an effective convertible notes campaign to their investors. Leveraging our industry-leading practices and skills of our team of experts, we’ll help explain and promote the benefits of converting notes, or bonds, for common stock in the issuing company.

All of the details and intricacies of convertible bonds can make them appear more complex than they really are. XL will demystify convertible notes for your investors to help them take advantage of this powerful financial instrument.​

Equity Crowd Funding Campaigns

XL offers flexible and scalable campaign packages that deliver fund raising results your venture needs to get up-and-running. From program management and campaign design to collateral development and video production, we have a marketing solution to meet your needs.

Our unwavering commitment and dedication to your business from the world’s best people will deliver the best fund raising results for your company.

Nasdaq Direct Listing Campaigns

Nasdaq direct listings are an alternative means for a private company to become a publicly-traded company. Traditionally, companies that have been ready to enter the public market have predominately chosen IPOs to go public because it would provide the company with new capital by offering new shares in the public market.<br><br>XL helps develop campaigns for companies who need to raise capital immediately from a direct listing while combining it with a capital-raising event.

Nasdaq Follow-On Public Offering Campaigns

A follow-on offering, also known as a Follow-on Public Offering (FPO) is the creation and sale of stock from an already publicly traded company. In an FPO, the public company creates or issues new shares and offers them for public sale typically to raise capital for business growth strategies.

Let XL created a custom FPO marketing campaign to help you raise additional capital needed to expand your operations, reduce debt, and accelerate the growth of your business.

How an effective CRM implementation can help your company:

Build lasting customer relationships
Streamline and automate processes
Provide better collaboration and communication
Improve pipeline management and increase revenue
Close deals faster
Improve data insight and analytics