Digital Advertising

Advertising has adapted to the new digital age. These days marketing through online channels such as websites, streaming content, and social media are the primary ways companies create awareness and opportunities. Digital advertising uses many formats, and works across the funnel to help with brand awareness, customer engagement, product launches, and demand generation.

The benefits of digital advertising

Two key benefits to digital advertising are flexibility and precision. Digital ads allow you to reach audiences during their daily activities, and meet them where they are. They can be presented in a variety of formats, and across a variety of devices. They can go live almost immediately, and be changed instantaneously as performance data tracks results. Digital ads also can be targeted to reach a specific audience who is most likely to be interested. They can even be customized to present a different and specific message to different audiences to maximize relevancy and results. Digital advertising offers instant metrics including clicks, impressions, click-through rates, and reach, all helping to guide changes and improve effectiveness and ROI.

XL Marketing understands the digital advertising landscape and can help you create an effective campaign targeting the right audience. We have the resources to create integrated campaigns using different formats including text, image, audio, and video, and deliver those campaigns using all the different digital platforms. We utilize the flexibility of digital advertising to adapt to different budgets and maximize the return of every investment.