Video Production

Video is now commonplace and is an expected part of a marketing campaign. Video production involves everything needed including technical, creative, and design, to tell a short story. It typically involves three phases, pre-production, production, and post-production. Video production is able to combine visual and audio elements to take an audience on a journey and deliver important messages in an entertaining way.

The benefits of video and effective video production

Video is the most engaging format used in marketing. Video stimulates the visual and audio senses and enables even the most mundane product or service to be presented in an interesting way. Effective video production can dramatically impact the impression a company makes, and establish or alter a reputation that will last a long time. A poorly produced video can miss the mark completely, or leave the viewer with the impression that the company is disorganized, and it’s products unreliable. On the flip side, a well-executed video can significantly improve a companies image, and immediately impact awareness and sales. It’s very important to establish goals and an effective strategy for the video, and then create and execute a story that fits the target audience and delivers the most important messages in an easily understood way.

XL Marketing provides everything involved in video creation from strategy and story creation through pre and post production. We tailor the style and message to the target audience to maximize effectiveness. Planning is just as important as execution when creating videos. We look for ways to build flexibility into the video by identifying multiple possible uses for the video early and then capturing images and information that enable the creation of different videos for different uses, all based on the same core content. We offer top quality production throughout resulting in engaging and impressive videos.