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Darktrace cybersecurity protection service defends against ransomware and other cyber attacks by stopping potential security threats before data breaches happen and automates recovery.

Protect and secure your data wherever it is located, on-site, off-site or in the cloud, while continuously monitoring your production and backup data for unusual activity. We tailor our solutions for each of our customers cloud environment, providing the best available solutions regardless of cloud utilization methods.


Darktrace Cyber AI Solution Brief

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Darktrace is good news for you business, bad news for bad guys.

Softchoice’s expertise helps you understand your current cybersecurity threat landscape to stay ahead of cybercriminals. Our cybersecurity services include vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, review of your environment, a summary of your dependencies and gaps, and an analysis of your security risks and vulnerabilities. Equally important, not only do we recommend solutions to discovered vulnerabilities, we roll up our sleeves and fix them.

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Protect your business from security breaches by identifying possible weaknesses in your IT infrastructure’s attack surface. Schedule a free consultation with a Softchoice professional. There’s no obligation or sales pitch. Get the answers you need to start your security testing initiative today.

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